Friday, February 17, 2012

DIY Notebooks

DIY notebook Tutorial;
First you will need;
Basic Printing paper
Needle and thread
Washi tape (Or colored duct tape)

>Take your cardstock and fold it in half

>Take your printing paper (I used 15 sheets) and cut to fit within your cardstock; You can do any size just remember that your paper should be a cm shorter in length and 1/2cm shorter in height, than your card stock.

> make holes with your needle - if you find it hard to make the holes you can use a hammer

>Take your needle and thread, I folded my thread double to make it stronger, and use a running stitch up the spine. Do it up the spine and back down again. Filling in the gaps between stitches as you come back down the spine.

>Cover your spine with washi tape, or for me I used colored duct tape (much cheaper)
And whalah! your notebook is complete!

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