Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Camera Strap Revamped

EDIT: This is an old project I came across and wanted to share the tutorial!

I decided I wanted one of those cute camera straps but didn't want to pay $15-30 for one. So with left over fabric from a previous project (Even originally the fabric was only $1.50) I made my own at no cost!!!

Materials Needed:
Camera strap
Fabric (You'll probably use about a 1/4 yard)
Sewing Machine (Hopefully you already have yours threaded, otherwise you'll need that too)
Pen or sharpie

First lay your camera strap on the fabric to prepare tracing it for cutting. Make sure that your fabric is good sides in, like seen below.

Then trace around your camera strap, I traced directly up to it- knowing I would cut extra for seems.

Here, starting to cut to pattern I just made, I gave myself enough allowance for seems.

I am very lazy when I sew, so I didn't pin anything, I just went for it holding down the seams. Feel free to pin yours if your not comfortable doing this. *Be sure not to sew shut the ends but sew the seams in to have a nice clean edge.

After your finished sewing, turn the cover inside out, I find it easiest to pin a safety pin on the end and feed it through with my finger.

Then put it on your original strap, it will be snug at first and a little difficult getting on- for me I wanted a nice sleek look so I used a stretchy cotton fabric that I just had to push a little harder to get it completely on, but so worth it now that it fits just right! And of course since you traced your original strap you don't have to worry about it being the wrong size like when ordering one.

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